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Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®

Mastercare - The Swedish back care system

This Swedish gravity traction table, with its patented sliding backrest and
self-controlled locking system, uses the natural healing powers of gravity
along with a system of simple exercises to relieve and rehabilitate, as well
as help in the prevention of chronic neck, shoulder, back and knee related problems.

Some benefits of the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® include:                  natural spinal decompression, stretching, traction,
strengthening, relaxation, mobilization and toning.
Unique features:
- Moving backrest
- Locks in positions
- Allows exercises in 15°  and 30°  inclination
- Professional models allow prone position

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Note: As with any therapy equipment, you should consult your physician before regular use.

We reserve the right to make changes to the design and specification without notice.
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