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The Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® Accessories:

Support Pillows:

Support-Pillow SE-SP1
Neck & Pelvic Pillow, SP1


Support-Pillow SE-SP2
Lumbar Pillow, SP2 

Support-Pillow SE-SP3
Neck Pillow, SP3
(Extra high)
 Pelvic Pillow, SP-4
Pelvic Pillow, SP4
(For treatments in prone position)

Toe-Protection SE-T2
Toe-Protection, T2
(Only for Model A, prone position)



Lifts up the foot-plate off the floor to
protect toes when tall people utilize
prone position.

Knee Support, K2
Knee Support, K2
More information 

Support Leg, SL1
Support Leg, SL1
(only for Model A)
More information
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