What is the traction force when using Mastercare?
The traction force is measured with the following formula:
Ftraction = W x sin a

In this formula W stands for the weight of the patient and a stands for the angle of the table with the horizontal plane.

As the table is during the study maximum 15° inverted, we can easily determine the maximal traction force:
Ftraction = W x sin 15°
Ftraction = W x 0,26

Thus, using a 15° inclination:
Maximal traction force = 26 % of the bodyweight

(From Karin Timmermans “The effect of the Mastercare Back-A-Traction
in combination with exercise therapy on chronic low back pain” »


Model A 


Model B 

 Model A Model A    Model B  Model B
 Model A  Model A    Model B  Model B
 Model A  Model A    Model B  Model B
Model A   Model B

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