Hello dear Friends.

I think of you most every day, and feel deep gratitude for having the Mastercare table to keep myself in shape. Without it I probably would have been on long-term care long ago, or at least been taken as a yo-yo in and out of the hospital. I would probably also been forced to some surgery in both hands and back.

I lost the feeling in some fingers on the right hand some years ago; there was something in the neck that needed surgery, the doctor said. But the odds of recovery were only 50%, so I declined and started to use the table more regularly. I think that's what have saved me during the recent years, at least it has not gotten worse so I can manage every day. I also have Eric who massages me every 3rd week and sometimes more often.

Best regards
Jerker Berg
19 April, 2010

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Due to Jerker being paralyzed from his waist down, caused by an airplane crash, he uses a “safety strap” around his legs when utilizing Mastercare Back-A-Traction.

Our dear friend, Jerker Berg, passed away in 2014 at the age of 74.
We are grateful to have know him and treasure all memories of him!
He gave us many insights of how to use Mastercare and was the idea giver to manufacture Model B - for easier access from his wheelchair.
He was a firm believer of Mastercare's benefits for over 25 years!


"On the advice of my Osteopath I purchased an inversion table. I chose MASTERCARE which is easy to store in an apartment and with which I felt safe. After a few weeks with a daily exercise program, and more times if needed after occasional physical exercise, my back pain has decreased and my spine (which has been like an accordion) has recovered dramatically, and this without struggle.

I have just purchased a second MASTERCARE-table for my secondary residence since I no longer wish to be without these exercises which render a well-being for both body and soul."

Madame Orbaïceta
France - May 2009

Dear Sir:

I wanted to write and tell you that I certainly appreciate your prompt help over the past years in sending me the parts to take care of a few minor repairs on my equipment. It means a lot to a person to know that they can rely on a company to keep ones equipment in tiptop shape.

I bought my Gravity Traction Table about 17 years ago. I became acquainted with it through a demonstration of one of your representatives at our State Fair. I have a problem with my back called spondylolistheses. The last vertebra in my back is slipped forward and it causes my back to ache a lot of the time. I use the Gravity Traction Table to stretch that area out and it helps to relieve the pain and pressure in that area of my back. I also have to do exercises that were recommended by rehabilitation and orthopedic doctors to strengthen my back. Some of these exercises I am able to do on the Gravity Traction Table.

I have seen cheaper models of traction tables from other companies, but they appear to me to not be built as sturdy as the one I bought from Swedish Backcare System, Inc. I have been very happy and satisfied with this equipment and thankful for having it to help keep my back from debilitating me and allowing me to live a fairly normal life.

Rev. R. Ziebell
April 14, 2009

There are very few products that I have been enthusiastic about as my Mastercare.

I have had a lifetime of lower back pain. I have gone through the gamut of chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, followed by a few operations. I could manage only temporary relief at best. It seems that my back would constantly fall out of alignment even though I realign it each day through a strenuous exercise program.

I was delighted from the very first with MASTERcare’s inversion machine. It held true to the concept of using one’s own weight in a gravity free environment to accomplish a quick realignment of the spine.

David B Kohler, 2008

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I want to write and share with you what this wonderful Back Care System has done for my wife and myself.

I stand up taller walk straighter and just over all feel a whole lot better. If I get sore I go and (my wife says) hang for a while. I walk, twist, move up and down a lot easier than I used to. I used to hurt when I moved my head to see beside me when driving in traffic, that doesn’t happen anymore.

Doing the exercises on the table in the 15 and 35 degree positions has conditioned my neck muscles to respond without pain. My wife’s knees do not hurt anymore. We are convinced that the exercises and the stretching causing new blood flow to these areas is making us much stronger as we are growing older. There is no way we will ever be without Master Care System. We use it most everyday. It’s a tremendous plus for us!

Dale Rule, 2008

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Image"I highly recommend using the Mastercare Inversion Table."

I was introduced to it 6 years ago, when I, as a physiotherapist, was invited to a professional demonstration. I know immediately that this is the thing I was looking for years.

I think that as a physiotherapist I have to teach people how to take care of themselves. I prefer to give people fishing poles rather than fish.With the Mastercare, everybody can live for ever with no back pains.

I bought one Mastercare Inversion Table for myself , for home use. I have a severe Scoliosis and a severe risk for Osteoporosis.

The daily traction that I have by using the bed, prevent any back pains in spite the very hard physical work that I am doing daily.

In addition, as a physiotherapist I made a study of the ways how to prevent, or, how to slow Osteoporosis. Traction and rotation with traction on the spines are recommended.

While exercising on the bed I make rotation and other exercises.
I have a wonderful feeling when I use the Mastercare, and I often recommend of using it to my patients.

Grateful yours     
Shulamit Koren, Israel

Peter Sipos

"I believe that every exercise facility, gym and private home-gym should be equipped with this miracolous machine! Congratulations to Mastercare!"

Peter Sipos, composer, explains: "I am 54 years old, living in Montreal, Canada. All my life I was a musician and composer. I spent the last 10 years writing music exclusively for musical theater productions.

My first musical about Joan of Arc was a great success in Montreal and in Quebec City, in 1995-97. My new project, a musical based on the story of Robin Hood will have it's world premiere in Seattle WA, in December 2004.

Being a composer means being seated most of the time, either at the piano or at the computer, orchestrating and writing hundreds of pages of sheet music. Even rehearsels and auditions are 'sitting jobs'. Naturally, my work started to take it's toll on my back and my spinal chord. The pain got worse by each passing year.

One day, while in Miami, Florida, I discovered a store called 'Relax the back'. There, for the first time, I saw the Mastercare Inversion Table. I gave it a try and it made me feel very good. I went back a few more times and tried it again and again. I tried it, loved it and bought it immediately. 

Since then I use it twice a day, every day. My pain in my back diminished to almost zero, my headaches are gone and my whole general state of health and well-being improved 100%, thanks to my Mastercare Inversion Table."

"After eight months of individual treatment with Mastercare, all my old pain has disappeared, and is just a memory now."
Ingrid tells: "After a fall during my childhood I suffered many years from constant pain in practically the whole body as well as severe exertion-asthma. I could hardly lift one liter milk and totally depended on the family. When I came in touch with Mastercare Back-A-Traction, I became curious and decided to give it a try".
After only 10 days her exertion-asthma disappeared for good and two months later she could lift as much as 25 kilos. The pain is totally gone today. "It´s important to take deep breaths between each exercise. It was when I discovered the connection between breathing and each exercise that the real improvements occurred", emphasizes Ingrid.



Magnus"I had suffered 33 years with acute back pain."

Then Mastercare came to the rescue! Unless you have ever suffered with back pain, you can have no idea what it means to be free of it!"

Magnus Yngve 







 Oskar Norden
Without Back-A-Traction, Oskar would have been in a wheelchair today !

For 20 years, Oskar Norden, 58, had been plagued by a crippling backache. He needed canes to walk and was unable to dress himself. "When Oskar came home after his first treatment with Mastercare Back-A-Traction, I could hardly believe my eyes !", exclaimed Gunnel Norden, Oskar´s wife. "He stepped out of the car and carried a bag of groceries inside. He hasn´t been able to do something like that for years." Thanks to the successful treatment with Mastercare Back-A-Traction, Oskar now has been able to resume a normal life. He is now a satisfied owner of Mastercare Back-A-Traction, and uses it at least three times a day.

Doris Dahlqvist


Doris got a new life.

After 20 years of constant ache and pain in knees, hips and back, Doris Dahlqvist was set free from back braces and painkillers. "Mastercare Back-A-Traction has given me a new life. Without it I never could have made it!"





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