Sara M. Meeks, P.T., M.S., G.C.S.  

Gainesville, Florida, USA

Sara Meeks, P.T."I whole-heartedly and un-equivocally endorse the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® inversion table as an adjunct to exercise therapy for patients with many diagnoses. I have personally used the unit as a treatment modality for patients with osteoporosis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, chronic back pain and many different postural problems all with tremendous clinical results. I have also recommended the use of this unit as an adjunct to training for athletes and personally use the unit whenever I can."

Speaker at P.T. Conference, Melbourne, Australia 2005 Sara Meeks - complete letter

Karin Timmermans, P.T.
Kalmthout, Belgium

Karin Timmermans, P.T."As a physiotherapist I can certainly recommend the    Mastercare®Back-A-Traction® In our Backcenter in Belgium we have using 6 of these devices for nearly 6 years now and year after year our center keeps growing as we obtain very good and exceptional results on the table."

The beauty of the Mastercare device is that it provides a very reliable method for a daily home treatment which would greatly benefit youngsters who are so buy with school and sports schedules – that they often cannot come to the clinic on a regular basis. This unit would also significantly decrease the cost of scoliosis treatment.

I believe, that if the idiopathic juvenile scoliosis in young teens is detected early and a systematic plan of treatment is carried out using a combination of axial traction (with the Mastercare being the best system I know of) corrective exercises, and EMS stimulation, an optimal outcome can be achieved.

Kathy A. McCuan, D.C.

Complete letter Complete letter

As a sports therapy type device, the Mastercare makes a tremendous amount of sense. The mini is particularly useful since it is portable.

Most sports such as cricket and rugby, which Craig is involved in are very ‘compressive’ in the nature of the biomechanics involved. This is particularly true of fast bowlers, and the tight five in rugby. The controlled longitudinal traction with the dynamic nature of the moving portion of the table in the professional version, makes for an excellent way to decompress the spine, stretch muscles and ligaments and allows for physical therapy to take place for the first time in a ‘distracted position’. IN other words, since the table is so stable and the patient is locked in, a lot of the myofascial release, stretching, dry needling, electrotherapy and joint mobilization/manipulation techniques can take place in 15 or 30 degrees of inversion. Also since the intervertebral discs require ‘movement’ for nourishment, the inversion forces could encourage better nourishment of the nucleus pulposis.

Nick Boden, Chiropractic Physician
Malaysia - 2008

Complete letter Complete letter

Claes Lenngerd, Occupational Physician at the City Health
Trollhättan, Sweden

Claes Lenngerd"Within the community we use, with very good result, Mastercare table placed in several workplaces. Within a separate project continuous case-studies are carried out under structured forms."

Complete letter Claes Lenngerd - complete letter

Thomas Klüft
Thomas Klüft

Thomas Klüft, Växjö, Sweden, Fitness leader

"Besides stretching and unwinding the back, backward inversion makes it easier for the return to the heart and lungs of venous blood which then gets faster oxygenated."

Lennart Dimberg, Trollhättan, Sweden, MD ph Doctor

Lennart Dimberg"The Swedish Mastercare has been found to reduce low-back pain, when used regularly at the work-place.   Many patients describe the effect as sensational, and in contrast to pain killers, has virtually no side-effects."

"There is no doubt in my mind that certain types of low-back pain, with muscle spasms are treated to full healing with this equipment."

"The medical conclusion is that Mastercare, The Swedish Back Care System, means a break-through in nearly all back-care rehabilitation."


Image"I highly recommend using the Mastercare Inversion Table."

I was introduced to it 6 years ago, when I, as a physiotherapist, was invited to a professional demonstration. I know immediately that this is the thing I was looking for years.

I think that as a physiotherapist I have to teach people how to take care of themselves. I prefer to give people fishing poles rather than fish.With the Mastercare, everybody can live for ever with no back pains.

I bought one Mastercare Inversion Table for myself , for home use. I have a severe Scoliosis and a severe risk for Osteoporosis.

The daily traction that I have by using the bed, prevent any back pains in spite the very hard physical work that I am doing daily.

In addition, as a physiotherapist I made a study of the ways how to prevent, or, how to slow Osteoporosis. Traction and rotation with traction on the spines are recommended.

While exercising on the bed I make rotation and other exercises.
I have a wonderful feeling when I use the Mastercare, and I often recommend of using it to my patients.

Grateful yours     
Shulamit Koren, Israel


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