Quote from Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga, Fodokan - Karate:
(Belgrade, Serbia)

May 2019
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Quotes from Atlanta Braves,
Major League Baseball:

July 2010


 Bobby Cox ‘Skipper’ – Former Manager/Head Coach:
“Mastercare Back-A-Traction has done wonders for me and my family.”

Chino Cadahia – Former Bench Coach:
“Me and my wife do not start the day without it.”

Phil Falco – Strength and Conditioning Coach:
“Mastercare Back-A-Traction should be a integral part of everyone’s everyday
training and daily routine program. The product is great!”

Veronica Shearouse from Swedish Backcare System, Inc. is demonstrating and training of Mastercare Back-A-Traction at the Braves 
”Veronica Shearouse from Swedish Backcare System, Inc. is demonstrating and
training the Mastercare Back-A-Traction at the Braves”

 Ulf "Lill-Pröjsarn" Nilsson

Ulf  "Lill-Pröjsarn"  Nilsson,
Former professional ice hockey player  in Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers      and the Swedish National Team.

”I have used the Swedish Back Care System from Mastercare in order to get the best possible relief of my back and joints.
I strongly feel that my regular back exercise has been well worth the few minutes spent each day to avoid stress, pain and injury to my body."

Complete letter  Complete letter - Ulf 'Lill-Prörn' Nilsson

Thomas Klüft
Thomas Klüft

Thomas Klüft, Växjö, Sweden, Fitness leader

"Besides stretching and unwinding the back, backward inversion makes it easier for the return to the heart and lungs of venous blood which then gets faster oxygenated."

Bengt Åke Gustafson
Bengt Åke Gustafson

Bengt-Åke Gustafsson -Icehockey player. Has been playing in NHL-Washington Capitals. In 1995 was ranked the best icehockey player in Sweden of all times.

"The Back-A-Traction has been wonderful in helping me recover from the injury. I get on the Back-A-Traction before and after my training sessions to relieve the pressure in my back.
The feeling is worth anything in the world."

Louisiana State University

Andy Barker, M.S., A.T., C.                
Senior Associate Athletic Trainer

"Mastercare Back-A-Traction has been an integral part of our treatment/rehabilitation protocol for a majority of back injuries sustained by our students-athletes. 

The sliding back rest enhances the ability to perform the proper gravity assisted traction."  

Complete letter  LSU - Complete letter

Florida Panthers
Florida Panthers

David T. Smith
Former Trainer

"The Florida Panthers have used Swedish Inversion Stretch Machine for 4 years. We like the easy use, plus the great results it has given us for low back pain and hip tightness or injuries."



Thomas Gustafson
Thomas Gustafson

Thomas Gustafson
Three-times gold medallist at the Olympics:

"After fifteen years of hard training, and thousands of miles on the road, I´m thinking of the future. Avoiding back problems is a major step towards a healthy life.

With the Master programme, I can stretch my back naturally. It really helps after a hard
workout. When combined with relaxation,
the effects are amazing."

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