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What is the traction force when using Mastercare?

What is the traction force when using Mastercare?

The traction force is measured with the following formula:
Ftraction = W x sin a

In this formula W stands for the weight of the patient and a stands for the angle of the table with the horizontal plane.

As the table is during the study maximum 15° inverted, we can easily determine the maximal traction force:
Ftraction = W x sin 15°
Ftraction = W x 0,26

Thus, using a 15° inclination:
Maximal traction force = 26 % of the bodyweight

Why do you have a moving backrest?

The moving backrest is a condition in order to be able to do the exercises during the self-treatment.  The exercises are necessary in order to allow the ”pump-effect” which provides the joints with fluid. The moving backrest also makes your bodyweight turned into traction force and create enough relaxation already in 15 degree inversion.

Why have you limited the inversion to 30 degrees?

We have found that the best results are in 15 degrees inversion – thanks to the moving backrest! On the first models of Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®, which came during 1980’s, you could hang totally upside down. When we started a close cooperation with doctors, physical therapists and naprapaths, their common conclusion was that it could be harmful to hang upside down.  For example, the muscle attachments are greatly stressed and can be injured. Not even well trained people are recommended to hang totally upside down.

As well, if the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® is placed on the workplace they could not recommend the table where there’s a risk to get stuck upside down. Therefore, we limited the inclination for both health and safety reason.

One of the effects you strive to attain with the unloading (decompression) is to increase the circulation in the musculature. If you hang upside down the muscles will contract and the effect will not occur.

Can I allow my employees to use the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® by themselves?

Yes, of course, however it is important to get instructions before you start using it in order to obtain the best possible results. If you have many employees; appoint ”Mastercare instructor(s)” who can instruct their colleagues. If anyone is uncertain about their state of health, they shall of course contact their physician or physical therapist.

I have an old Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®. Are there spare-parts available?

Yes, we have spare-parts for the most versions of Mastercare® Back-A-Traction® that has been manufactured throughout the years.

Why are the buttons so hard to push down?

Make sure that you have made correct height (balance) on the height-adjustment bar. Also, be aware that you may need to adjust the height if you have a “heavier” upper- or lower body.  For heavier upper body = extend with 5 cm (approx. 2 inches) or more.  For heavier lower body = shorten with 5 cm (approx. 2 inches) or more.  This is for the weight balance and thus the buttons will be easy to push down.

I don’t have space for it, what shall I do?

A good advice is to place it in the bedroom. 

Mastercare is easy to fold for storage. 

Another option would be to purchase Mastercare MINI
instead, which takes very little space when folded.
It’s also portable and great when travelling! 

I just unpacked my Mastercare MINI and the back-rest is not “moving”... What do I do?

Please, note: If you have removed the bolt completely – you need to replace it according to above instructions.
Before you can start using Mastercare Mini you need to “activate the moving back-rest” by removing the Transit Bolt.

This bolt should then be located in the vertical slot situated directly above it. It should be aligned with the matching hole situated on the sliding frame beneath the backboard. There are four vertical slots on the sliding frame and this hole is situated at the top of the bottom slot. 

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