Model Mini Inversion Table

Just a few minutes a day on the Mastercare Mini Inversion Table can relieve back pain and stress on the joints and the spine. It can also realign the pelvis with a few simple stretching movements.

The Mastercare Mini is great for relief of muscle spasm as well as neck, shoulder, knee and hip problems! It can also help reduce pain associated with nerve-root pressure and sciatica.


Specifications - Model Mini Inversion Table

Model Mini:

Color M1 silver frame/stand with black backrest

Color M2 black frame/stand with black backrest

Adjustable for body-heights from  135 to 215 cm

Max body weight 100 k/220 lbs.

Certificate of registration - Medical device class 1. Patented, protected design.

Dimensions:            Box: 117 x 56 x 21 cm (21 kg)
                                 Mini in Folded Position: Height 124 cm, width 54 cm, depth 20 cm (19 kg)

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Note: As with any therapy equipment, you should consult your physician before regular use.

We reserve the right to make changes to the design and specification without notice.