Support pillows

Pelvic Pillow, SP4 (For treatments in prone position)
Lumbar Pillow, SP2
Neck Pillow, SP3 (Extra high)
Neck & Pelvic Pillow, SP1

Knee - Leg Support

Knee Support, K2

Only to be used in supine position, to keep the knees bent at all time in order to flatten the lumbar spine.

Support Leg, SL1 and SL2 (short)
Support Leg, SL1 (only for Model A)


For Professional ‘hands on’, such as massage, adjustments and/or manipulations; the Accessory Support Leg, SL1 or SL 2, must be
attached for stability and warranty.


Toe-Protection, White and Red
Toe-Protection, Black and Red

Lifts up the foot-plate off the floor to protect toes when tall people utilize prone position. 

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