Användningsguide - Engelska

Read the instructions thoroughly before using Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®
Be sensitive to the signals of your body. Do not do any movement that causes discomfort or pain. 
An easy start is recommended. Gradually increase your excercise program. Excercise time: 2 to 15 minutes, 2-3 times daily.
Refer to these simple exercise guidelines when
using the Mastercare® Back-A-Traction®

Assembly & Exercise Instructions

World version = Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish

US-Market = English and Spanish

Model Mini


Press to release the far thumb lock and fasten it open by swinging the safety catch down. This allows all adjustments to be made from one side.


Press and release the near thumb lock and rotate the back rest to the horizontal position where it locks in place.


Pull the height and balance adjustment knob and slide the bar according to the guideline markings provided.


Press the near thumb lock and rotate the back rest towards the vertical position. Now, return the far thumb lock to the operating position by pressing the button to re-engage the safety catch. Never use Back-A-Traction without both safety catches engaged.


Remove your shoes, and then unlock the foot restraint, step into Back-A-Traction. Secure your feet with the foot restraint, moving along its ratchet until your feet are held, comfortably and securely between the pads.


Lean back on to the back rest and take hold of the hand grips with your thumbs on the buttons and press. Release the thumb locks and push back to the horizontal position where the back rest will lock in place. Stretch by pushing against the hand grips. Remember to relax and breathe deeply.


Press and release the thumb locks and rotate further backwards to the first catch at 15 degrees. Repeat the stretching procedure by pushing as before against the hand grips. Now stretch well by raising your hands over your head and curling your toes back towards you. Repeat.


Alternate bending your knees in a slow and easy walking motion. Repeat a few times.


For the next exercise arch your back and lift your buttocks of the backrest.


Next, push your neck flat to the backrest while lifting your shoulders upward.


Place one hand on your stomach, stretch your other arm over your head, fingers extended, rotating your arm fully in each direction. Repeat this exercise with your arm extended to your side and again with your arm beside your body. Repeat. Now rotate your arm in a circle as if swimming the back stroke. Repeat these exercises with your other arm.


Raise both hands over your head and then twist your torso and hips to the right. Return to the flat back position and twist to the left side. End the exercise by bringing your hands back to the rest on your stomach. Relax and repeat.


The final exercise involves quarter situps. Raise your head, shoulders and upper back only, leaving the rest of your back flat to the back rest. Proceed only as you feel comfortable to do so. End by returning flat to the backrest and raising your arms over your head for a last reaching stretch.


Begin the dismount by taking hold of the hand grips, releasing the thumb locks, and returning to the horizontal position. Relax for at least 60 seconds and move your knees in a walking fashion for a few repetitions as before. Then release the thumb locks and return to the 15 degree upright position. Pause again for a moment.


Finally, release the thumb locks and return the back rest to its last and most upright locking point. Slip a foot out from under the foot pads and then release the foot restraint to its open position.

It is very important to relax after each session. Avoid lifting and strenous movements, and take it easy for a few minutes.

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